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Tobyn Baugher toby at rsux.com
Mon Feb 24 13:17:06 CST 2003

On Monday, February 24, 2003 12:47 PM -0500 gabriel rivera
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> So who's got the hookup for a good dedicated server/virtual private
> server provider on the East Coast?

I've had a Rackshack (rackshack.net) server for a long time and I love
it. $120/mo for a P41.8ghz/512MB/40GB box with a 100Mbps ethernet port
and 400GB/mo transfer. Mine's Red Hat 7.2, and while I would really
have preferred FreeBSD they're such a good deal otherwise that I
couldn't pass it up. Anyway, it's more personal preference than
anything, Red Hat works just fine though I've had to custom craft a few
RPMs of my own to get everything where I want it.

Their setup is instant. You place an order through their website, they
call the phone number listed in the order to confirm it immediately
after you hit submit, and then they give you the IP and temp root
password of your new box.

Their support is pretty good; being available 24/7 via e-mail, IRC, and
I believe telephone, though I have never felt the need to call them.
They have some stupid reverse DNS policies but they really only bite
people using vanity domains for IRC, etc. They've got some freebies
most other hosting companies I've seen expect you to pay extra for, but
for the most part I don't make use of them.

They're based in Texas, so I guess they don't count as east coast.
Still, I've hosted a Counter-Strike server on one of their boxes and
averaged 30-40ms ping times to it from ATTBI cable in Atlanta. People
in California saw about the same numbers, so I feel it's really the
best of both worlds.

As an alternative, as someone else said already, Interland has some
plans that match what you're looking for. They've got Red Hat dedicated
boxes and FreeBSD virtual private servers that both fall under the
$150/mo number. I'll refrain from giving any opinion on them since I'm
an ex-employee, but I know plenty of people on the list have experience
with them that they can relate to you.



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