[thelist] Font anti-alisaing?

j.d. welch so.there at showtunepink.com
Mon Feb 24 14:46:01 CST 2003

On Monday, Feb 24, 2003, at 14:53 America/New_York, Chris W. Parker

> Kevin Cannon <mailto:p+evolt at redbrick.dcu.ie> wrote:
>> Does anyone have any idea what OSes have it turned on by default,
>> and hoe many poeple approximately that is.
> I would say few OS's do this by default. Maybe OSX and WinXP do it by
> default? Maybe also some Linux distro's?

OS X antialiases all text (so every browser does it); the default is
all text 8pt and above.  i haven't used linux on the desktop for a
while, but i recall konqueror was doing anti-aliased fonts by default
(as an integral part of kde 2-something, which was doing it for all
text); gnome 2 does anti-aliasing for its own things, but i can't
remember if the browsers do too.  it seems that most browsers for linux
_can_ do it now, but some require recompiling, etc., so how widely
implemented it is, who knows.


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