[thelist] Dedicated/virtual private servers

Jason Lotito jason at devnetwork.net
Mon Feb 24 15:23:01 CST 2003

gabriel rivera wrote:
> So, after wasting the better part of the day on this:
> Rackspace:  The leader; best name in the corporate world; but overpriced.
> Also, it seems they'll wheel and deal a little if pressed.  Again, any
> anectodes to that effect?

They are the best.  Overpriced? Hardly.  They may not be as cheap as
some people but are less expensive then others.

Support and other services are where RackSpace really shine, also with
the ability to grow.  I swear, they are the first company to call me up
to welcome me and to walk me through their services after I had signed
up.  Very professional, with a support staff that simply rocks.

Also, security updates are nice.  They keep you updated on any security
problems based on the server you get, and if you dont' know how to patch
the security hole, or simply don't want to, just send them a notice and
they will do it for you.

Beyond support, they are they are a big hosting company, so they can
expand as your needs grow.  A lot of hosting companies couldn't do that.

So that little extra money you are spending is actually going to
something worthwhile.

If your hosting a business site, I definetly recommend RackSpace.

Jason Lotito

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