[thelist] A:Active Working Example?

MaKo shark at mako4css.com
Mon Feb 24 15:23:39 CST 2003


a) what are your 'normal' link colours?
b) did you clear the cache?
c) is this:
<a class="nowon" href=# onClick="location.href ='page.htm';">
the same in your document? Without the "" for the href=#
d) what DOCTYPE did you declare, what browser are you using?

e) please try this, and please try it in an outrageous colour (not
maroon-ish, that's too close to the "default-color" for 'visited'):

a.nowon:link, a.nowon:visited, a.nowon:hover {
    color: #66FFFF;

The biggest difference is that I usually do not put a 'live anchor' in a
'dead link'. Since you want to do that, you should declare all instances
of that anchor to look the same.


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