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Tue Feb 25 02:10:00 CST 2003

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On Monday, Feb 24, 2003, at 19:44 America/Chicago, rudy wrote:

>> Imagine typing into your computer "ESPN Hockey Scores" instead of
>> "http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/scoreboard."
> we got this already
> it's called google
> and in this particular example, it actually works!

But the extra step? Why? Not to mention the sifting of pages, looking
for what you *know* you want.

What still amazes me is that sports.espn.go.com is solely for the sake
of humans; all the network needs is

Newsgroups are still infinitely better in this arena, imho. But this
may be a cultural thing. To a native Latin* speaker, it may make
perfect sense. To me, I want to com.go.espn.sports.

No, I want to net.some.sweet.dreams.

* I was going to use the French Language, where adjectives and nouns
are reversed versus English, i.e. "The Bus Red." But in speaking
French, it's still often Noun + Verb + Object. That left Latin (the
only example I know of) and Yoda.

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