[thelist] MySQL & PHP in English

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Feb 25 06:51:01 CST 2003

> ... and not something that provides solutions to problems that don't

feeling frustrated?   ;o)

actually, it's quite alright

nothing wrong with wanting a web database book "in english"

would you like to know what i want?

i'd like to write that web database book "in english"

i think i'd do pretty good -- i do have a wealth of experience

moreover, a lot of that experience is explaining it to web developers

pride is indeed a sin, but i think my writing is pretty good, too

only two things left for me to do

first, find a publisher

actually, i already have one -- hi glasshaus! (they read thelist, too)

but another publisher couldn't hurt

fight amongst yourselves, eh

second, decide which problems that do exist i want to write about

that was your frustration, wasn't it?

books that don't cover situations that actually occur in your life?

well, now i'm frustrated

author to reader is one to many, right?

so, of the many, which problems should i write my book about?

seriously --  if anybody has ideas, please send offlist, i'm collecting


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