[thelist] oh, the irony!!!!!

Richard McFarland rlmcfarland at attbi.com
Tue Feb 25 08:39:14 CST 2003

Dear Mark,

You wrote:

>You obviously did not read my post carefully. I was referring to the code
>used in sitepoint.com (the site) as apposed to sitepointforums.com (the

I believe I did read your post carefully. In fact, I have just read it again
and still find it unclear about which site you are specifically referring
to. If I may snip:

>NEW SitePoint.com and SitePointForums.com (this is the post title)

To me, this indicates that the post is about both.

>If you're a regular you would have noticed that we've just launched a brand new
>site with a new logo, new information architecture, and a refined color scheme
for both sitepoint.com and sitepointforums.com

Ditto. Also, unless you look at the title bar, there is no immediately
evident indication in the page design that you are at the forums page, ie, a
separate site - they have nearly identical headers.

When you write:

>The new site is compliant with the latest W3C Web standards, having been
>completely re-designed using CSS. The only place you'll find a table is where a
>table makes sense, i.e. where there is content to display in rows and columns.

...a logical inference is that you are still speaking of both sites, since
you do not specify. Of course, I know now that is not what you intended, but
it is how I read it. BTW, three other people I pointed to the site
independently came to the same conclusion.

> By the way, we will happily accept a public apology.
I don't understand. Mark, if I thought that I had in any way actually harmed
you or SitePoint, an apology would be forthcoming. Are you serious? The page
your post actually appears on is a mess code-wise and its message was
unclear to more than just myself. Some of us had a laugh. How does this harm

FWIW, the new www.sitepoint.com site is very handsome. Congratulations on a
job well done.

Richard McFarland <rlmcfarland at attbi.com>

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