[thelist] Dedicated/virtual private servers

Abdullah Shaikh abdullah at uxdg.com
Tue Feb 25 09:53:00 CST 2003

I can tell you for a FACT that it wasn't in error -- since I experienced it
first-hand.  HE's position on it was similar - 'It happens to everyone.'

However, the reason that exacerbated the codition to the point of me leaving
was that it took their supposed 24/7 Tech Support a total of 14 days to
RESPOND to my request for help.

Their "Solution" was to assign me a new /24 block of IP addresses outside of
their blacklisted block.  So that would mean that I would have to change DNS
information for EACH AND EVERY domain that I was hosting in my rack, and be
subject to 24-36 hour downtime while DNS propagated.  I would also have to
go in and change ALL my firewall rules, as well as re-enumerate all the IP
info on my hardware.

This wouldn't have been the most optimal of scenarios, but at least it was a
start (considering the 14 days that I kept hounding them for help and got NO

But, what really pissed me off to the point of cancelling -- when they first
reassigned me a new netblock, they assigned one that was INSIDE the original
blacklisted block.

This, combined with several instances of my rack being left open by their
staff (one time because the NOC Monkies there were too busy playing Unreal
Tournament -- I know this because I went back to the facility because I
forgot to do something, sure enough, rack was left open, because NOC guy was
at his computer playing.)

All kinds of stuff like this...  Bottom line -- while they may have cheap
prices and a fairly decent network (Kudos on that actually) -- their staff
are not trained, not certified, unprofessional.  Definitely a reflection of
the mangement and business mantra as a whole.

Look, you get what you pay for right?  If you are willing to put your
business and the business of your customers at risk to save a few bucks a
month, then by all means, go with HE.  On the other hand, if that sort of
stuff is important to you, do some more homework.

- A

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> I recall a number of months ago something like this happening. In fact
> I think someone posted to this or the Hesketh list making a similar
> warning. When I contacted HE about the matter, they told me the
> information was in error. The original poster retracted the warning.

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