[thelist] css percentages

Anthony Johnston - Antix tech at antix.co.uk
Tue Feb 25 11:21:01 CST 2003

>The box model used by IE PC 5.x is wrong.

not wrong - just before its time,  will be in css3
Ant. ;)

ps. thanks for the links will try them now.

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>>is there a dtd which will make netscape/opera adhere to the box
>>model with internalized borders, as IE does by default?
>No. The box model used by IE PC 5.x is wrong, according to the W3C
>specs. You can get IE5.x to display the boxes correctly using the
>hacks I suggested earlier:
>You cannot easily get all the other browsers to display it wrong.
>IE6 PC displays the box model correctly (external borders) when using
>a valid recent doctype.
>As for two 50% boxes with borders, try:
>(four solutions - depending on your real-world application there are
>likely to be many more possible)

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