[thelist] synching sites/software

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Tue Feb 25 11:43:01 CST 2003

Many FTP clients will do this.  For example, mine, FTP Voyager
(www.ftpvoyager.com), has the following:

"FTP Voyager allows you to synchronize or mirror two folders.  The mirrored
folder can be either remote or local.  When this dialog appears, you are
prompted to select a local folder.  After selecting a local folder the
differences appear in the two list boxes.  The top list box shows the
remote file differences.  The bottom list box shows the local file
differences.  To synchronize one to match the other, simply press the
"Synchronize" button in either the "Remote" or "Local" list box area.

This dialog is especially useful for updating web sites.  It allows you to
quickly remove, add, and update files; all with the push of one button."


  At 12:19 PM 2/25/2003, Kevin Cannon wrote:
>Hey all,
>I at m looking for soem (preferably free) software so that I can sync my website
>to a server.
>I know you can setup rsync for window,s but it seems very difficult.
>- Kevin, asking alot

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