[thelist] IIS ASP puzzler

Dougal Campbell dougal at gunters.org
Tue Feb 25 16:04:00 CST 2003

We recently redesigned our website, running on IIS 4. We created a new
web in the MMC, and reconfigured Host Headers to point to the new
directory. Everything seems to be working fine except for one particular
ASP page.

The page doesn't do anything terribly complex. It processes some form
inputs, logs the info into a database, and sends some email.

The problem is that the database updates and the email aren't working
(though the same code ran on the same server in the old version of the

By liberal use of "On Error Goto Next" and "On Error Goto 0", I've
determined that the object creation for ADODB.Recordset and
CDONTS.NewMail succeed. The failure doesn't occur until we try to call
'objRS.Update' or 'objMsg.Send'.

The same code running under a different web instance on the same server
still functions.

Any clues as to what I should be looking at?

Don't use IIS if you can possibly avoid it.

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