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On Tuesday, February 25, 2003 5:19 PM +0000 Kevin Cannon
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> I at m looking for soem (preferably free) software so that I can sync my
> website to a server.

If you've got multiple developers working on the same site, I'd second
Emma's recommendation and go with CVS. TortoiseCVS is a brilliant
client that integrates right into Explorer on Windows. I use CVS to
manage just about everything I consider important, from my resume to
all my code.

That said, if you're not already familiar with it, CVS has a bit of a
learning curve. TortoiseCVS makes everything pretty friendly, but there
are still some CVS concepts that need to be learned. If it's just you
working on your site and you're not already familiar with CVS, I might
be inclined to suggest you just get a nice FTP client.

(Of course, learning how to use CVS or any source control software for
that matter is a good idea in the long run)

Personally, I recommend FileZilla, which has options you can set to
only overwrite remote files when the local files are newer. It's not as
flexible as CVS nor as efficient as rsync, but it's probably the
simplest solution save mounting the server's directory with SAMBA, and
the client is free software (filezilla.sf.net).

> Also, it needs to be secure ssh/sftp/scp

TortoiseCVS can do SSH with plink, from the same suite of programs as
putty. I use this capability along with pageant and ssh public key
authentication to avoid having to type my password every time I sync my
files and also avoid having to store my passwords in some config file
or the registry. Pretty secure.

FileZilla can do its work over FTP, FTP+SSL, or SFTP, so it's got you
covered too. Of course, saving your passwords in it isn't as secure as
using an agent program like pageant.



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