[thelist] phony ebay scam? Security of info on the web

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 25 16:30:01 CST 2003


> From: Jason Handby
> > unfortunately, none of the news stories above are
> > similar to what tom is talking about.
> Ignoring your unwarranted pissiness for a moment, [...]

no pissiness here -- only a unwarranted perception of it, apparently.


> the reason I sent them, and felt that they might be
> interesting background reading, was because they all
> relate to bogus emails purporting to come from eBay.

yeah, i gathered that from reading them.  however, i'm almost 100% sure the
email in this case *did*, in fact, come from ebay.

> The first article in particular refers to a method of
> putting dodgy links in HTML emails and making them look
> innocuous, which I thought might have been relevant to
> Tom (as for all I know his original email might have
> been an HTML mail).

valid point.  my guess, from the formatting (and my past experience in
receiving emails of the same kind from ebay), is that the email was sent in
plain text so the issue of html masquerading as plain text is, i believe,
moot in this case.

and, sense we both owe tips for what's become a waste of bandwidth, here's

<tip type="CSS" author=".jeff">

don't be lazy.  preface your hex values with an octothorpe -- it's required
by css2.

  "The format of an RGB value in hexadecimal notation
  is a '#' immediately followed by either three or
  six hexadecimal characters."





jeff at members.evolt.org

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