[thelist] Is AspPop3 the way to go?

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Feb 25 18:43:01 CST 2003

Any POP3 component (Dimac's JMail v4 does the same thing) will handle the
extraction of the mail headers (which can usually be returned as a
collection, or a string), and the separation of each part of a multi-part

If the attachment is binary, you'll need to use the ADO Stream object to
save the data to the file system (as the File System Object is really only
designed for text). To insert the header information into the database you'd
just use an SQL statement and the ADO Connection object.


From: "Christian Anderson" <chris at jobdragon.com>
Subject: [thelist] Is AspPop3 the way to go?

: Hi everyone,
: I am planning on setting up a site that will do the following:
: 1) Users will be able to email pictures / video files to a specific mail
: address on my server.
: 2) Something on my server will then check that mailbox (every 5 min or
: whatever) for messages.
: 3) If there is a message in the mailbox, it will take the header
: and put it into a database, and then it will save the attachment as a
: filename on the server (date&time of arrival or whatever), and then also
: that filename into the database.
: From there I will be able to handle all the ASP that needs to be done to
: things to display on the site.
: As to why I am doing this by email, its because its on a mobile phone and
: of now you cant upload via the browser (at least here in Japan).
: So is AspPop3 the way to go?  Will that be able to handle everything I
: it to, or will it just check the mailbox and return the header /
: information to me, and then from there I'll need some other components to
: handle everything from there?
: Thanks!
: Chris

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