[thelist] Dynamic Anchors in ColdFusion & IE

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Tue Feb 25 23:43:01 CST 2003

I'm working on trying to dynamically create a link that jumps to an
anchor in a page, but the link itself is dynamically generated, and I
don't seem to be having much luck.

Here's my anchor:

<a name="Comment<cfoutput>#qCommentDisplay.commentID#</cfoutput>"></a>

Here's my link:

ment#qCommentDisplay.commentID#" class="blinkCMT">link</a>

I've tried using URLEncode without any success on this, and I'm not
certain that I'm escaping out the #s correctly, but this doesn't seem to
work right.

It seems that this is working correctly, but IE drops the anchor from
the URL when it's listed in the address bar.

Any thoughts?



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