[thelist] Dynamic Anchors in ColdFusion & IE

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Wed Feb 26 02:35:01 CST 2003

Hi Jeff,

It generates the source--and it works exactly as you'd think it
should--but then, after a moment, any value that's shown as an anchor
(#Comment42 for example) is dropped.  You are directed to the
appropriate page place, but the URL value does not display it as such,
and that's what I need to display.

I hope that's making sense.



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> russ,
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> > It works correctly; that's not the main problem.  The
> > main problem is that IE drops the anchor value.
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> what's the generated source look like?
> what do you mean by "ie drops the anchor value"?
> .jeff
jeff at members.evolt.org

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