[thelist] Referral Programs

Belinda Johnson belinda at prodsol.net
Wed Feb 26 04:05:01 CST 2003

Hi all -

One of my clients wants to start an affiliate program (to offer affiliate
linking on his ecommerce site) and I am unfamiliar with being on that end of
it. I've been on the receiving end of affiliate programs like Linkshare,
Befree, etc - but not on the merchant side before.

What are some recommended software/scripts/resources to consider? His site
is on a Windows server, but we could just as easily put him on one of my
Linux servers.

He is currently using Mals for his shopping cart needs - which we have WAY
outgrown on this site - he started off with a very small amount of products
and it has been successful enough to warrant a far more robust back end at
this point, and also to the point that he is starting to get requests for
affiliate options.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.


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