[thelist] Referral Programs

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Feb 26 09:23:01 CST 2003


>>> What are some recommended software/scripts/resources to consider? His
>>> is on a Windows server, but we could just as easily put him on one of
>>> Linux servers.

>>> He is currently using Mals for his shopping cart needs - which we have
>>> outgrown on this site - he started off with a very small amount of
>>> and it has been successful enough to warrant a far more robust back
end at
>>> this point, and also to the point that he is starting to get requests
>>> affiliate options."
>>maybe this is a sign that it's time to pursue a solution geared towards
his business with a professional with experience in this area?
> this is really out of line jeff.  Belinda seems to have enough skill and
> professionalism to find the right solution and came to us with a request
> to assist her in serving her client.  the reason for this list is to ask
> and learn.

i really don't see how jeff offering his advice is out of line.

in fact, i think he's offering belinda good advice here. suggesting moving
a linux based shopping cart to windows to satisfy an affiliate
requirement? that isn't very good judgement IMO.

an affiliate program is fairly simple to implement. incoming URLs usually
have a key in the query string, at which point your options are to drop a
cookie on the client or try to maintain the URL variable all the way to
check out.

sure, learning on the client's dollar is the hallmark of every sucessful
freelance business, but outsourcing your needs is also an important
component. personally, i don't design sites anymore because i suck at it.
i hire freelance designers and build the backend, which happens to be my
forte. reading belinda's posts doesn't lead me to believe backend is her
strong area, but she must be strong in some other area, because her
clients obviously like her.

maybe you don't agree with jeff's advice, but it's certianly not "out of


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