[thelist] Can I capture part of a link?

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Wed Feb 26 09:28:00 CST 2003

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> On Behalf Of Erik Mattheis
> Although the JS suggestions would work, why does it need to
> be "just an html page"?
> The best solution would be to modify the form, or the script that
> processes the form so it grabs the AAA###### from the environment
> variables that the webserver makes available to the script.
> I'm sure if you told us what language the processing script is in,
> someone will reply with some example code in short order.

That hasn't been determined, although a Perl script is their first
choice. I'm trying to get them away from Matt's form mailer - I
may actually be able to get that done this time.

So example code in Perl would be great.



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