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> Thanks for the input, that is a little helpful.  One thing I
> forgot to mention in my original e-mail:
> > Set up and activation of merchant account including
> internet payment
> > gateway: $995.00
> This is a supposedly "Discounted price", where originally it
> would have
> been:
> 	VISA/MC application and processing: $295
> 	Setup and activation of a merchant account by Avalon
> including internet payment gateway: $2500
> But in order to get the discount, I had to purchase "That
> day, right now!". I have three days to determine whether they
> are trying to screw me.  My gut feeling is they are trying to
> screw me.  What do you think?

I can't make any promises, but I do agree with you.  $995 for a
payment gateway?  It's been about a year since I had a client that
used a payment gateway (I'm not sure what it was actually called
because they already had it set up before they came to me), and they
paid around $200/month + per transaction fees.  I thought this was
out of the question for them, but they disagreed and refused to
change to a different provider.

Like the previous repliers have said, make sure that the company is
legit.  Actually go out and contact other people who use their
services.  If they go under a month from now, that steep $995 setup
fee was wasted money and your client will inevitably be pissed about

I'm not really sure what a standard price for a merchant account is,
but IMO, $1000 is a price I would not pay myself.  But hey: if the
service is good and your client can afford it, go for the gold.

David Bindel

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