[thelist] Online credit card processing.

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Wed Feb 26 09:52:00 CST 2003


> Why would a reputable company want to lower their price for
> only the 3 days after you express your interest?  If they

Two reasons.

1) (As mentioned) they want to sell you a service that doesn't pass
muster under close scrutiny.
2) It's a lie. They'll give you the discount at any point you ask for

> were going to lower their price, they would do so until you
> expressed an interest either way.  I would say this was a
> high pressure sale - maybe they have something to hide?  Why
> else would they only give you 3 days?
> I'd say they were trying to screw you!
> Sorry - but I hate that being forced to buy something before
> you really want to by pretending to lower the price kinda
> stuff, it really pisses me off!

Don't prejudge the company. Take your time to make a decision, and if
you decide to go with them just insist on the discount. If it's not
forthcoming, walk away.

My $0.02...


Chris Marsh

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