[thelist] Online credit card processing.

Bev Corwin bev at enso-company.com
Wed Feb 26 09:57:00 CST 2003

> I can't make any promises, but I do agree with you.  $995 for a
> payment gateway?  It's been about a year since I had a client that
> used a payment gateway (I'm not sure what it was actually called
> because they already had it set up before they came to me), and they
> paid around $200/month + per transaction fees.  I thought this was
> out of the question for them, but they disagreed and refused to
> change to a different provider.

Geez... these are both very expensive examples.  The merchant accounts that
we setup are about $30 / month + small transaction charges.  The Internet
Point of Sale System is about $250 to setup and then $30 / month, plus very
small transaction charges.  Plus you have a complete accounting management
system included for your merchant account and by using it,  you save the
$450 to $800 for those expensive credit card machines.  The system replaces
the need for the machine.  Just amazing how expensive the systems you
mention are.  Hard to believe! Can you identify them?


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