[thelist] Windows streaming media on a Mac?

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Wed Feb 26 10:21:36 CST 2003

On Wednesday, February 26, 2003, at 09:56  AM, Hershel Robinson wrote:
> Can someone with a Mac (and maybe someone withOUT a Mac too) check out
> this
> page:
> http://www.thereisone.com/books&music.htm
> and let me know if the sounds files are useable.

Yes, but not for people who don't know they can copy
http://www.thereisone.com/audio/wholearth2.wma into their location bar
to download it.

First idea is a "must do" : set the correct mim-types for .wax: and

(It's sending text/plain)

Second idea, after you do the first and if it still doesn't work: link
directly to the .wma file. This won't be true streaming, but it will
begin to play as soon as enough has downloaded.

> Why are the sound files in Windows media format?  Good question.
> That's how
> the original site designer did it.  Do I want to change them?  Only as
> a
> very last option.  Why?  I ain't gettin' paid hourly here. :)

If you do a lot of media conversion,
<http://www.discreet.com/products/cleaner/> is a great investment. Just
set it up and go to bed and wake up in the morning having done hours of

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