[thelist] Referral Programs

Belinda Johnson belinda at prodsol.net
Wed Feb 26 13:49:01 CST 2003

Jeff - thanks.

However, I'm sure you would agree that part of providing professional
services to your clients is to not make a snap decision when it affects
their business. I am not afraid of or intimidated by outsourcing when
necessary, just as I don't seek out "free" or "cheap" solutions to cut
costs. But even if I were seeking out "paid time with a professional" I
would most likely seek it out here, with a group of trusted professional
peers first. It's called using the resources available to you to seek out
the right answer. I want to be able to provide the best advice that I
possibly can to the clients who host on my servers - and if it is a solution
that can be provided in-house with our own expertise (and yes, I do have
more than a little, and the ability, responsibility and desire to gain the
knowledge I don't have - and not at the expense of my clients), then that is
certainly what I should be doing.

I currently have about 50 clients hosting on 3 servers, and if I can
research multiple options for affiliate programs and then be able to offer
it to those clients, some of which may suffice quite well with a very
simplified script-type solution developed in-house (this would be in the
cases of not transmitting sensitive or private information for example,
merely "bean-counting"), others which may benefit from a more fully
encompassing third party solution. I can't make those decisions without
researching the available options first.

No mater how ticked off your initial reply made me at 4 a.m. this morning -
after I salvaged a little bit of pride and tried to compose what I hope was
a professional response to you, I then investigated your signature line in
depth. Which brought me to Brainbench - which sent me to bed $249 poorer as
I purchased a one year subscription to what appears to be a very valuable
service. It coincides with my already in-process track to MCSA
certification. I didn't just wake up one morning and think hey, I think I'll
design websites or host domains LOL. I've been doing it for over 5 years, 2
years as a hosting service, although admittedly Ecommerce is not one of my
strengths (which is why my larger clients shopping carts ARE still a third
party solution).

I appreciate the knokwledge shared on this list immensely.



sorry, i was very brief in my initial response, it was late, and i was

what i meant was, if you're not sure how things like this need to be put
together, but can tell it's time to grow, then maybe some consulting time
with someone with experience in that area would go a long way in helping
avoid catastrophic pitfalls that could cost you and/or your client their
business.  i wasn't trying to imply that you wouldn't do the right thing for
your client or were incapable.  i just got a feeling from your initial post
like you weren't sure what the next move was.  imo, some paid time with a
professional with experience in this area could be one avenue.


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