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Dee, Dax Development.com daxi2000 at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 26 14:29:01 CST 2003

Hi everyone!
	I'm currently working on a few mockups for an existing client.
This client is still sort of stuck on being inside boxes...and
considering her goals and direction she is heading, I'm working on
helping her convey her goals and direction through her design.  She is
absolutely in love with one of the initial mockups I did...while my gut
instinct is telling me that it's the wrong direction to take and the
other mockup is a better solution.  So, she has handed the entire site
over to me as she knows that she is "stuck in a rut" as far as what she
likes and wants.  Basically, what I want is some no-holds-barred
feedback (ok, I would appreciate it being gentle-no-holds-barred) on the
two potential mockups.  Both are rough drafts....there is a lot of image
& design cleanup, etc that needs done - however, I really need the input
from others before that point because I don't want to waste time
cleaning up something that isn't going to work in the end.  And, one has
text that ISNT final copy for the coming site (it's actually part of
what she has on her live site) - I know there's problems with the text.
	#1:  http://www.daxdevelopment.com/images/suzmockup.jpg

    #2:  http://www.daxdevelopment.com/susie_test/

	This client's target audience is women (obviously) who are in
need of help keeping track of/organizing their time and lives.  She
carries products that are mid-range for the market but extremely high

Thanks so much for taking a look.

In harmony,

"If you can *dream* it, we can *do* it!

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