[thelist] Mail threading for web-based mail groups && Rehi!

Martin Kuplens-Ewart martin at takingitglobal.org
Wed Feb 26 14:55:01 CST 2003

Jeebus - I've been away for only, er, since august last year, but it feels
like an eternity!

Anyway, I was hoping that someone might be able to help out with this

I'm building an email groups app for the organisation I work with
[http://groups.takingitglobal.org], but am having a minor nightmare at the
moment - I built some threading code that relies on the In-Reply-To header,
but Exchange server seems to strip it out and replace it with an internal
thread ID that seems to be reset if the subject line is altered.

All I need to do, basically, is be able to discover whether a message has a
parent message already stored in the database - does anyone know of a
reliable way to do that? Perhaps some war stories from the evolt coders...?

Cheers as ever,


Martin Kuplens-Ewart
TakingITGlobal Int'l Coordination Team

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