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Kimberly Carroll kimberly.carroll at art.com
Wed Feb 26 14:58:11 CST 2003

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I really need the input from others

On first pass I think option #2 looks more polished and less like a
personal hobby site.
I'm not sure I make the connection between the lily and planning &
organizing for busy women.
Reminds me of hygiene products and vitamins - not planners.

I searched for your client's current site and found it among some very
ugly competitor sites.
Looks like you have an excellent opportunity to leapfrog the

When I think planners, I think of

When I think of time saving strategies, I think of David Allen:

Seems to me that your client and David Allen have a lot in common.
His site is engaging, helpful, polished, professional and trustworthy.

Having purchased my PDA, calendar, time mgmt books and many related biz
products online, and being your client's demographic, I can tell you
that I would not be likely to purchase from either your client's current
site or either of these two approaches. My main considerations would be
brand, trustworthiness, small-operation feel.


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