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On Wednesday, February 26, 2003 3:40 PM -0500 Emma Jane Hogbin
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> And XSL Transformations are sexier than PHP and Perl templates, right?
> (That's mostly a /rhetorical/ question.) I personally think it's silly
> to use PHP and Perl templates when there's a
> perfectly good XML template language out there.

I'd have to disagree. While XSL is great, probably the display
technology of the future, etc. it's also basically an entire
programming language. Not only that, but it's a programming language
that doesn't have any sort of close ancestor that lots of people are
likely to know to ease the transition (ie. C/C++ -> Java/C#,
Shell/sed/awk -> Perl).

On the other hand, with something like Smarty or Template Toolkit, a
designer can whip up a page in Dreamweaver or whatever they're familiar
with in the regular old (X)HTML they know, love, and have authoring
tools to help them make, and then just put things like {$text} in where
the content should be.

The point of XML+XSL is to separate the content from the presentation.
For that it does its job very well. The point of using a templating
system is to separate the coding work from the designing work, which is
not something XSL is particularly adept at, at least not yet. I,
personally, think both are quite "sexy" in their own ways :).

Just my thoughts,


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