[thelist] IIS, Novel and Access

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Feb 26 16:15:01 CST 2003

Just a brief follow up to this post from the weekend.  I wanted to thank Ken
and Jason for their advice.  Ken was spot on .. his solution would work, if
the situation were ideal.  Unfortunately, our datafile is approaching 19Meg
at a compressed stage .. and linking to it from the webserver causes it to
timeout, which we determined by using a small version of the datafile and
that did work.

So, we're pretty much back at square one.  They (the sysadmin guys) were
trying to get Novel to talk to the webserver and allow the inhouse staff to
access the version on the webserver directly.  So far today that hasn't
worked out yet .. we'll see what happens.

Anyway, thanks for the advice .. it was much appreciated.


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From: "Ken Schaefer" <ken at adOpenStatic.com>

> Options:
> a) If changes to the data only happen "internally", then develop something
> to "push" a copy of the .mdb file across to the webserver (every hour, or
> day or whatever)
> b) If you really need to get this working (I don't recommend it - .mdb
> are file based - you'll be pulling almost the entire database across the
> wire everytime you want to run a query - it'll be a performance
> then:
>     i) change your connection string to be UNC based:
> \\server\share\database.mdb
>     ii) change the anonymous user account to a domain account
>     iii) assign appropriate permissions (Read/Write) to the share and file
> to that domain account.

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