[thelist] CSS background problems

Becky webmendoza120 at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Feb 27 09:32:37 CST 2003

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Hi, I saw your email online. I'm having problems setting my CSS background to black. THe font color works and everything, but the background does not work. Here is what I've put:



<style type="text/css">

body {background-color: #111111}

a:link {color: red}

a:visited {color: purple}

a:active {color: blue}

h1 {font-size: 100%}

h1 {font-family: Arial}

h2 {font-size: 300%}

h2 {font-family: Arial}

h2 {color: black}

h3 {font-size: 100%}

h3 {font-family: Arial}

h3 {color: black}

h4 {font-size: 100%}

h4 {font-family: Arial}

h4 {color: red}


{list-style-type: upper-roman}

h5 {font-family: Arial}

h5 {font-size: 50%}

h5 {color: black}






Could you please help me? Thank you for your time!

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