[thelist] ColdFusion CFFILE Upload help

Jay Dorsey evolt at jaydorsey.com
Thu Feb 27 16:13:01 CST 2003

Ryan Carmody wrote:
> When trying to upload a file with a period at the end of the file name (ex:
> txt file 'test.') CF throws this error:
> The path, 'c:\..\test..txt', is illegal. Path specifications cannot include
> '..'
> Besides telling our clients to come up with better file names, does anyone
> know how to trim the trailing period off either before of after the file is
> actually uploaded so the file on our server would be test.txt and not
> test..txt?

Are you sure its breaking on the test..txt, and not the C:\.. part?
When I read that error, the PATH part of the error sticks out in my mind
as being the errored part.  That path "reads" as one level up from the C
drive, which is an invalid path.  I just test a file named test..txt on
CFMX, and it uploaded just fine.  You may want to hardcode your DESTINATION.



Jay Dorsey
evolt at jay dorsey dot com

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