[thelist] ColdFusion code generator

Buffington, Michael michael.buffington at office.xerox.com
Thu Feb 27 17:13:01 CST 2003


Do you hate writing the same ColdFusion code over and over again. I've got the elexir the cure your ailments!

I just wrapped some CFC logic around some old code I had kicking around that would examine a database, then generate all sorts of useful code based on the database structure.

I need some help testing it, because I'd like to eventually call it a full release, and make it available for download or used as a webservice or through the forms on my site. I'm currently fixing bugs, and logging new features.

Web version:

Web Service version (same code as above):

You'll get the most out of the tool by consuming it as a web service, but I have no documentation for that so you're on your own.

Future enhancements include multiple scripting languages (instead of just CF, how about PHP, JSP, Perl, ASP, Fortran?)


Michael Buffington

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