[thelist] dnsmadeeasy.com opinions

Steve Hasz steve at roatanet.com
Thu Feb 27 22:15:01 CST 2003

Hi Jeff,

Based on getting two replies within ten minutes from dnsmadeeasy.com, I'm
tempted to go with them, but my first impulse is always to support community
projects and open source projects by contributing or paying a fee.  Of
course if half my sites are down for a day and customers are screaming, it's
hard to justify that.

I'd be interested to see a comparison between all the DNS services for
uptime and speed, free or otherwise.  I've googled for one, but haven't
found anything.  If I understood the issues better, I'd write one.

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> From: Steve Hasz
> Thanks for the reply.  Based on their own notes at that
> address, it looks like they've been down intermittently
> for 2 days.  I can't afford any downtime.

this is the first of any downtime i've experienced with their service.  they
were extremely quick to get on top the problem and try to counter it.
unfortunately, a ddos attack can be difficult to get around.

if you can't afford any downtime then any amount you might pay would be
insignificant.  if, however, as you say the money does matter then maybe
you'll need to adjust your expectations alittle.

a possible solution would be to use several of the low-cost/no-cost dns
services out there simultaneously.  use one as your primary and another as
your secondary.  then your chances of having problems like this are

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