[thelist] Resizable Fonts

Kae Verens kverens at contactjuggling.org
Fri Feb 28 03:17:00 CST 2003

Erik Mattheis wrote:
> OK. I need some clarification: at a point in the not too distant past,
> px text was the agreed upon way to go for cross-broser/platform
> continuity for font sizes; now I hear a few strong "NO px". What has
> changed?

I've missed out on some of this thread, so may be approaching from the
wrong angle, but sizing fonts exactly based on pixels is inaccessible.
On a 14" monitor with resolution 800x600, a 12px font may be acceptable,
but on similar with 1280x1024, it's small. And, depending on the user's
eyesight, may be impossible to read.

Personally, I resize based on em or %, but I'm not a designer, so am
concerned less with appearance than readability.

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