[thelist] IE6 rendering problems (was: Re: Welcome to the "thelist" mailing list)

kristina ml at kfxdesign.net
Fri Feb 28 03:27:01 CST 2003


  Welcome to thelist

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, at 17:01:44 [GMT +0000]
Luke.Hilton at boimail.com wrote:

LHbc> Just upgraded to IE6 from IE5.5 and now are
LHbc> experiencing some funny syptoms with page
LHbc> rendering. When previewing a page from a
LHbc> fresh browser window spacer graphics that
LHbc> are clear are displayed. When I say
LHbc> displayed I see the outline, but beveled.
LHbc> This happens on most web pages, but if you
LHbc> refresh the page the problem disappears.

  do you have a link?

  More information is definitely required here...

  Also you would help yourself by having a more
  appropriate subject, as thelist is relatively
  high volume many members of thelist scan through
  the emails received by the subject line, and
  delete any that they are not interested in, and
  by doing so may have missed this message.



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