[thelist] Session Variables are Getting Assassinated :-\

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Fri Feb 28 10:20:01 CST 2003

>Please post the code that you are using. Please tell us how you are
>returning to the homepage. Etc


The home page has basically 4 regions. Once inside the site you can click
"Change Region" or hit the back button until you're there.

Each region is linked attaching ?SBUID=Region to the end of the URL. The ASP
takes that and creates the famous session variable:

After home page, region entry page:
Dim Region
Region = request.querystring("SBUID")
if (Region = "Americas" or Region = "Canada" or Region = "AsiaPac" or Region
= "Europe") then
	SBU = Region
	if (Region = "Americas" OR Region = "Canada") then
	   session("SBUID") = Region
	elseif (Region = "AsiaPac") then
	   SBU = "Asia Pacific"
         session("SBUID") = Region
	elseif (Region = "Europe") then
	   SBU = "in Europe"
         session("SBUID") = Region
	end if
      SBU = "Americas"
	session("SBUID") = "Americas"
end if

...and proceeds from there. The SBU variable is a custom job for writing out
the title on the region's home page. i.e. "Welcome to Company in Europe"

Steps to make it break (and I've looked hard for code that would say

1: Home Page
2: Enter Americas
3: Go somewhere in site
4: Change Region, back to home page
5: Enter Canada
6: see step 3
7: see step 4
8: Re-enter Americas
9: see step 3
BREAK! the session("SBUID") has nothing in it and the site breaks.

I don't know how I can be anymore specific. I cannot give a URL as this site
is not public. just see my email address for the domain name and see the
working live version.


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