[thelist] HTML-Kit kind of flaky - will Homesite be updated?

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Fri Feb 28 10:34:02 CST 2003

I really like HTML-Kit, which several thelist readers recommended to me. It
has almost all of the features I want (except the search & replace, which
leaves something to be desired), and it is highly customizable. The problem
is that some of the customizations I have added (auto-complete definitions
and keyboard shortcuts) don't always work, which has lead me to believe the
program is a bit flaky.

Anyway, I have been thinking of trying to convince my boss to purchase
Homesite for the developers in our office, but I don't think he will go for
it if Homesite will never be updated. I have heard that Macromedia has
given up on Homesite in favour of Dreamweaver, and has no plans to release
a new version of Homesite. Is this true? (If so, it is a very poor decision
on Macromedia's part.)



<tip type="search tool">
Dave's Quick Search Deskbar (http://www.dqsd.net or
https://sourceforge.net/projects/dqsd) is a little search window you put in
your Windows taskbar; it doubles as a clock so you don't lose valuable
taskbar real estate. It allows searching of many search engines, reference
sites, shopping sites, etc, etc. You name it, DQSD can search it - or if it
can't, you can add the search using the Search Wizard. And the folks on the
mailing list are fantastic, always willing to help. I just can't say enough
good things about it. It belongs in my
I-don't-know-what-I-would-do-without-it category.

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