[thelist] Volunteers sought for professional site reviews

Ben Hunt ben at scratchmedia.co.uk
Fri Feb 28 11:21:01 CST 2003

Hi, I'm posting for the first time. This message contains a few requests.

  I've just left a job in Boston, MA, to return home to England where I'm
setting up my own web consultancy / design business.
  One service I'm leading with is a professional web site review, which I'm
pitching around the £250 / $375 mark.
  These reviews look at a web site, and a sample of its competition, from
various angles: branding, design, usability, visibility.
  The client will get a report describing:
    - What's good and what needs attention
    - and why
    - Clear, practicable recommendations on what they can do to improve the

  I'd welcome anyone having a look at my site www.scratchmedia.co.uk, and
give me your opinions on the site generally, but specifically on the expert
review product. I think there's a need out there, and it's likely to prove
good-value, but I'm struggling to know how best to market it. Any ideas

  I need a couple of sample reviews on the site, to show the format, style
and quality of the product: the ones on there now are not representative.
  If anyone has a site that's live or under development, and would like a
free expert review, on the condition that I have permission to publish the
review on my web site, please contact me direct ben at scratchmedia.co.uk
  At risk of stepping over a line... if anyone has a client who may need
this kind of service, please pass on details as you see fit.
  By prior agreement, the reports may be re-branded.



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