[thelist] HTML-Kit kind of flaky - will Homesite be updated?

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 28 11:26:01 CST 2003


Let me just re-post this link again. There is a lot of misconception
that MM has stopped development of HS, and this is not a decision
that MM has made at all. The following page gives a full account of
what is happening with the product right now:


Don't expect an new release soon, they just released the 5.2 update,
and MM version 5 is still fairly new. As they say, its too soon for
an incremental upgrade. This doesn't mean its discontinued at all.

[note: NO I don't work for MM]

Anyway, if you like HS, seriously show your support by tossing them
an email. I have, and I believe it will help if they get a pile of
email that says, hey we use this and like it and want to see it

There is a real hole in the hand-coding world if HS goes away. I was
not impressed by HTML-Kit, nor any other of the many shareware apps
out there. They all have their nice features but I HS for me is tops
- even above TopStyle.

You know what would REALLY make HS a cracking app - integrate source
safe functionality on a shared project, check in and check out. That
would be great. I'm sure there are other suggestions, but I would let
MM know if you are behind HS.


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