[thelist] info on templates, XML and TLAs

Emma Jane Hogbin emmajane at xtrinsic.com
Fri Feb 28 15:41:01 CST 2003

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 04:30:15PM -0500, Tobyn Baugher wrote:
> XML+XSLT. That's just my US$0.02

Which is worth like $4 Canadian. ;)

You mentioned static pages somewhere in the post that I deleted. That's
what I'm aiming for...editing is done in a database and then the database
outputs XML files when a user says "publish." I may need to rethink the
next step a bit as I was just going to do transformations on request (with
XSLT) ... but maybe transformations should happen at publish time as well.

I'm really torn between storing versions of content in a database table
vs. trying to do the www.Twiki.org trick of running content through a CVS
to track versions/updates.

More things to consider.


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