[thelist] Best source for Freelancing Projects

David Bindel dbindel at austin.rr.com
Fri Feb 28 19:00:01 CST 2003

I've been doing web development for six years now, but most of the
projects I have done have been for friends (i.e. FREE) or for low-paying
small businesses.  In the last week I've realized just how much I need
money (primarily for a car), so I have done quite a bit of reading on
freelancing, and I need to break out of the low-paying class of jobs and
get some *real* projects under my belt.

For all you freelancers out there, what I'm wondering is which are the
best websites for freelancers to find good jobs at?  I'm currently
posting my resume and applying for freelancing projects on www.Guru.com,
but what are some other sources for jobs?

I've tried using Monster.com and a few of the other big ones out there,
but frankly, they all seem bloated, over-rated, and a little over my
head.  From my very limited experience (four days now), Guru.com has
been my favorite job searching tool yet because of its simplicity and
ease of use.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
David Bindel

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