[thelist] Cold Fusion -- looping records in 3 columns

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Fri Feb 28 20:29:00 CST 2003

Without the limiting to three--I did this last week.

How are you going to determine which 3?  Will it always be the first
three?  Or will that change from time to time?

If it's going to change, you'll probably want to determine if you need a
checkbox or some other way (actually, I can't imagine why you wouldn't
simply update all).

Here's what I did:

I had a unique identifier (commentID) that was different for each record
on my page.  I appended that to each field that did not have a unique
identifier (commentName_#commentID#) so each record would have unique

When I performed my update, I looped through based upon the commentID
and would then update each value.

Let me know if you need to see the code--I certainly did before I got


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> without having to write 3 separate queries, is there anyway
> to continue
> looping the output of a query to three <td>'s (columns)?
> Lets says there are 9 records returned by the query but I
> want to output 3
> records in the first <td>, 3 in the second, and the last 3 in
> the third.
> Is there anyway to set a record limit condition in the loop?
> I hope I'm clear enough.
> Thanks in advance!
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