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Sat Mar 1 00:11:01 CST 2003

evolt.org headlines for 28-FEB-03

Hi evolters!

We have some fresh content on evolt.org today, contributed by our
members. Learn something new or review the perspective of someone

Reviews & Links: Poodle Predictor - See your site like Google does (Author: www_richardinfo_com)

One of the challenges a webmaster faces when designing a site, is
getting it well-placed in the search-engines. There is many a site
stuck with an ugly Google listing, because the designer didn't
realise search-engines don't use Javascript, or cookies, for
Poodle Predictor can help.

Site Development: Permission-based Content Notifications in Plone (Author: MartinB)

Many sites need to be able to announce new content to their
registered users. Wouldn't it be good if they did so only when the
users have given them permission to do so and the content was
genuinely of interest to each recipient? Here's a system for doing
just that, using the Plone/Zope CMS.

Authors really appreciate feedback from their peers; you can leave a
comment and rate articles by logging into the evolt.org web site.

Happy reading!


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