[thelist] Vignette = no doctype?

R.Livsey R.Livsey at cache-22.co.uk
Sun Mar 2 09:19:01 CST 2003

Tara Cleveland wrote:

>I've been working on a contract to design and code templates that will be
>fed into Vignette... I'm at the coding stage and when I asked which doctype
>they would be using the response was "we don't use doctypes because we're
>using Vignette". Apparently the "programmer" (don't know exactly who it was)
>at the other end of the telephone line claimed that you can't specify a
>doctype with Vignette.
Never used it, but http://www.vignette.com/ has a doctype, and I'm
pretty sure they are using Vignette...

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