[thelist] Vignette = no doctype?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Mar 2 09:49:01 CST 2003

> ... are they just trying to come up with some excuse not to use doctypes?

sort of

they are trying to cover up their total lack of understanding of what a
doctype is, or how to generate one...

... or what might happen if they did

think it through

say you're in charge of a BEHEMOTH and somebody asks you to turn on
something that will generate some kind of tag at the top of every page that
comes out of your software, which you only just barely understand, never
mind the pecadillos and peculiarities of the dozens of different browsers,
some of them standard, some of them quirky, which now have to interpret YOUR
output according to rules you don't understand...

what would you do?

i'd do just what your "programmer" did -- say no

> While I'm at it, if you've worked with Vignette before, are there
> any other weird quirks I should know about it?

butt ugly urls


that page may have my pic on it, but i did not produce it

if i had've, i'd've suppressed the whitespace -- view source and scroll down
till you get to the <html> tag


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