[thelist] background-image auto resizing

Bob Haroche spambait at onpointsolutions.com
Sun Mar 2 12:03:00 CST 2003

> A few moths ago, cnn.com had td's with gradiated background images
> when you changed your text size, they would resize as if the image
> a property of height: 100% - IOW, they didn't repeat, but stretched
> vertically.

I'm not sure if this answers your question but I've done something
like this with td background gradient images that appeared to stretch
horizontally. I made my graphic for the background image very wide
(1200 px for example; it didn't need to be very high though, only 20
px or so). When the browser window, and table cell, expanded the
previously un-displayed part of the image would then show.

Bob Haroche
O n P o i n t  S o l u t i o n s

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