[thelist] removing asp

Sam Carter sam at nativeintelligence.com
Sun Mar 2 14:38:01 CST 2003

Here's some feedback about my experiences with a couple of the website

I downloaded both BlackWidow and the "Website Downloader".

I decided to try BlackWidow first since Website downloader required manual
installation of a dll in the system folder.  While the Blackwidow interface
had much more functionality, I didn't need it all, and I couldn't find what
I did need among all the options.  In particular, I couldn't find where to
specify the folder that I'd like to hold the downloaded files.  It seemed to
be using the temporary internet cache instead.

Maybe I should've spent more time, but I then tried the Website Downloader.

This interface was just what I wanted.  Specify the remote URL and the local
folder.  press NEXT.

Unfortunately, it didn't work, and it left me with irreconcilable problems
on my hard drive.

I created a folder C:/webdownload.  After the download, the "Website
Downloader" left two folders


(note the period)

I can't delete them both.  "C:/webdownload. is not accessible. The folder
has been moved or removed."

Unfortunately, I'm paying a big price here.  I'm on hour 3 running Norton
disk doctor and chkdsk to no avail.  Errors are found, but never fixed.
Lots of time spent on things other than the job I was trying to do.



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