[thelist] Signatures and Technical Terms (was: Best source for Freelancing Projects)

Steve Hasz steve at roatanet.com
Sun Mar 2 16:39:01 CST 2003

I think that it depends on your audience.  If you are in contact with a lot
of web design professionals, who might be looking for some contractors, it
might be good to have a sig that says, "CSS Pro: We slim your page so you
don't have to."

If you are in contact with a lot of business owners, you may want a more
business focused sig on tap, "We build websites that make you money."

You can have a sig for all occasions.

Or, if you've got more work than you can deal with, you might just put in a
couple of your pet projects that you are developing.

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<<Is it acceptable to include technical terms (such as CSS, PHP, MySQL,
etc.) in a signature, or would it be more tactful to abstract the
terms a little to make them perhaps more understandable to the

For example:

HTML and CSS become "page design">>

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