[thelist] Timed Chat Applet

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Sun Mar 2 23:55:00 CST 2003

On Sunday, March 2, 2003, at 08:48  PM, David Bindel wrote:
> I am in need of a chat applet that will facilitate this time-limited
> chat session effectively.

This could be a nightmare ... some users will crash and you'll have
ongoing problems frustrating all parties involved.

> IMO, option #1 would be not only easier, but more secure also since
> the user must prepay.

It seems to me your client would want _everything_ secure as people
generally like conversations with their doctor to be private.

> Do y'all have any feedback on this or recommendations for chat
> applets that will accomplish this?

As the word is out that I'm thelist's full-on Macromedia whore, so it
will come as no surprise that I would opt for Flash:

... or good ol' HTML and JavaScript.
Erik Mattheis
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