[thelist] Best practice for signalling offsite links

Jon Dodd jon at bunnyfoot.com
Mon Mar 3 10:23:01 CST 2003

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I am trying to collect some examples of different ways that sites signify to their users that they are going offsite, methods include:

Special icons (with good alt text hopefully)
Asterix (YUK)
Text in brackets after the link
Intermediate pages
Inclusion of 'link title text' (tool tips)
Putting all the links in segmented groups
Changing the link format

(and indeed combinations of the above).

Do any of you guys have and more ideas? What do you recommend? And where can I find implemented examples? (URLs please).

Also there is the special case where a multinational corp is posing to one of its sub sites, or from its sub sites or regional sites to the main corporate site - any views (and examples) on the best way to perform this.

I'll collate and post to the list when done.



PS I'm new to posting but an ardent lurker - will come up with a tip soon to pay for my request - honest.

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